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The Free Enterprise Action Fund was created in response to the growing threat of the anti-business movement, i.e. social and political activists operating under the banners of "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) and "Socially Responsible Investing" (SRI). These radical activists target law-abiding corporations with threats of organized boycott, negative publicity, shareholder controversy, litigation and/or product disparagement unless and until their demands are met.

The Free Enterprise Action Fund is a pioneering mutual fund that combines the strength of pro-free enterprise/free market investors allowing them to be heard over the din of the anti-business CSR activists. Our Fund's guiding principle is that the overriding social responsibility of a business is to increase shareholder value within the bounds of existing laws and regulations. Businesses that serve this traditional function contribute to the economic security of America's families, our workforce, our communities, and our enduring system of Free Enterprise.

On behalf of our investors, our advocacy efforts include:

  • Persuading companies through our status as an institutional shareholder to resist activist pressure and to uphold their traditional duty to operate their businesses in the best interests of shareholders rather than outside special interests.
  • Educating corporate managements, institutional shareholders, policy-makers, the media and the public about the threat of radical, activist-driven CSR.
  • Leading anti-activist campaigns to intervene in situations where law-abiding businesses have been targeted by outside CSR pressure groups.

Our web site will soon be expanded to include news about our advocacy activities and updates on high-threat CSR developments. We appreciate your commitment to helping us fight for the American system of free enterprise!

Please check back soon for updates or contact us for more information.

An investor should consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses carefully before investing or sending money. This and other important information about the Free Enterprise Action Fund can be found in the fund's prospectus. To obtain a prospectus, please call 1-800-766-3960 or click here. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Mutual fund investing involves risk, including loss of principal.

The Free Enterprise Action Fund is advised by Action Fund Management, LLC., which receives a fee for its services, and is distributed by Northern Lights Distributors LLC, which is not affiliated with Action Fund Management, LLC.

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